The First Six Weeks at Home

ImageToday, six weeks ago was my last day at work! Where has the time gone! Time use to fly by at work, but it’s the same at home with a little one.  

The last six weeks has been a real eye opener! Hats off to mums and stay at home dads, there’s no rest at home. The constant repetition can be tiring, especially on not much sleep. Luckily for us, we have a baby that likes to sleep at night, which is a godsend for new parents!

When I tell people, I’m taking some time off to spend it at home I get some mixed reactions. This is maybe because my wife is at home too, but I get the feeling there is still this ingrained mentality in society that the dad works, while the mum stays at home.

One of the main reasons for spending some time at home is so I can build a bond with Zoe, our daughter. Zoe is now four months old and is getting very active. She’s now rolling over from side-to-side and before we know it, she’ll be crawling! We’re entering the teething stage, which means lots of dribbling and constant wiping of her chin.

When I finished up work, I created a long list of things I wanted to do at home. I can safely say that I’ve done about half the things on that ever-growing list. I was kidding myself thinking I was going on holidays at home! I’m three-quarters through a Photoshop course which I bought on Fiverr, I’ve been very happy with the instructional videos. Also, I’ve updated our side business’ website, Flowers By  Night which was in desperate need of a refresh. It took about a week to do using one of Wix’s templates.

Next week I’m starting a Marketing Week’s mini-MBA online course by Mark Ritson. Mark has been teaching MBA’s for years and has consolidated the marketing core subjects into the mini-MBA. I’m really excited about getting a refresh of the core marketing theories.

One thing I’ve been struck by is how much stuff you can buy for your baby! It’s a marketer’s dream. We all want the best for our kids, which means brands have a field day marketing their products. Now I need to think of what to sell 😉



Week 1 – A New Chapter


After seven and half years I finished up working at Online Circle Digital last week. It was a tough decision to make, especially since I’ve been there since the beginning. Back in 2009, there was just 4 of us in a serviced office in Mount Waverley, and have been part of the growth into a 25+ strong digital agency servicing some of Australia’s biggest brands. Our first piece of work was with Cadbury and have worked with them ever since. It’s testament to the owners, Lucio and Jeff, for my longevity. They’ve created an agency that’s not shy of innovation. Being entrepreneurs, they’re constantly pushing the boundaries, which has been awesome to be part of.

In saying that, nothing lasts forever and with the birth of our baby girl (Zoe), I knew it was time to take a break to spend some time at home and also explore other work opportunities. Having put so much energy into Online Circle Digital over the years, it’s taken a while to switch off. Getting down to Lorne last week to enjoy some of Melbourne’s late summer weather has helped with that process. Switching off has also been helped by my 3-month-old daughter who is now getting very interactive. It’s an amazing time, she’s gone from feeding and sleeping to making faces and lots of baby talk!

In the coming months, I’m looking forward to updating and learning some new skills and spending some time working on the marketing of our small business, Flowers By Night. We started the wedding flowers styling business last year and have done a great job in growing it by WOM. Of course, spending time with the family is going to be a big part of my time at home, but I’m looking forward to using the digital landscape to try different things.

Expect to see a few more blog posts over the coming months as I document my time at home.