First blog post to launch Jimmy’s Marketing news

Welcome to Jimmy’s Marketing News blog, a place where I will discuss marketing theories, digital, social media and comment on advertising that catches my eye. Jimmy

Why start a blog, it’s something I’ve meant to do for a while. Previously I had a travel blog, but got lazy and don’t get to travel as much anymore. With over 5 years of digital experience it’s time to get my thoughts down. In Trevor Young’s latest book microDOMINATION, he explains the benefits of having a blog.

I write this while watching Celebrity Apprentice, the episode where they launch the new Tim Tams treat pack range. Comedian and ex-marketer Peter Berner and PR expert Roxy Jackenko were the project managers. I have to say, what a great way to launch a new product! Looking at the Twitter stream, everyone is craving Tim Tams. I wonder how much Arnott’s spent to launch their product to a national audience! Looking purely from a PR and social media ROI perspective, I have a feeling they’ve recouped their investment!

Both teams held events in Sydney’s Pitt street mall. In the boardroom the gloves came off and the attacks were sustained! I admire celebrities who participate in shows like Celebrity Apprentice.  Sure they get plenty of personal brand awareness, but if things go wrong it’s not pretty and surely damages some credibility. In the end the ladies won the Tim Tams challenge, $40k was donated to charity.

Watching television while trying to write is not that productive, but I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. I plan to write at least one article per week so check back soon.


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