Tis the season to celebrate with Christmas commercials

With Christmas just a few sleeps away the retailers are in overdrive with activity. I was just in the city, and things seemed pretty crazy!

Now that our TV viewing habits have changed, we are relying more and more on getting our news and entertainment from Facebook’s newsfeed, including commercials.

Tis season I’ve only noticed a couple of standout Christmas commercials. The first being John Lewis’s ‘Monty The Penguin’ ad, which has had over 21 million views on YouTube.  By the looks of it, the ‘Monty’ campaign has been very successful with books, Apps, live interactive sites, dedicated Twitter account, plush toy and adopt a Penguin in conjunction with WWF.

I’m sure everyone has heard and seen this year’s edition of the dancing elves from OfficeMax, the campaign has nearly 1 billion downloads (over many years)!

Every year retailer Myer in Australia has the Christmas windows in the capital cities, which draw massive crowds.  This year’s TV commercial ‘Find Wonderful at Myer’ is a throwback to our youth when everything was wonderful.

Coca-Cola’s Make Someone Happy TV advert shows people doing random acts of kindness.

Wishing you a Safe and Merry Christmas!


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